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June 2, 2011
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Ronald Reagan by Balddog4 Ronald Reagan by Balddog4
Here's one of Americas greatest Presidents ever. Ronald Reagan was not only a president, he was Patriotic. He LOVED America and what She stands for. He keep the ecomony runing for another 20 years, before getting to the point where it took a nose-dive. Anyway here's to Reagan.
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Aguirre-el-Loco Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2014
If you love this piece of shit, you are NO artist.
slr1238 Featured By Owner Edited Oct 9, 2014
Wow,according to some of the comments here-

Lincoln signed the emancipation proclamation,freeing many people,but since he was a Republican,he must be evil.

Teddy Roosevelt preserved acres of forests,but he must also be evil,after all,he is a Republican.

Ronald Reagan won the cold war and eliminated many nuclear weapons,but the fact that he accomplished these and other good and great things when he was a Republican,it doesn't matter to the extremists.If Reagan would have accomplished these great things at the time he was a Democrat,he would be a hero to the extreme left. 

Dwight Eisenhower didn't do anything much as President,but he was a great general who helped to defeat Hitler in WW2,but since he is a Republican,he must be more evil than Hitler.  
MadDadder Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2014
Just shows you how good of an actor he was.
slr1238 Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2014
In 1984,when I voted for Ronald Reagan and he was elected,in retrospect-for the first time in my life I was proud of my country.
Take that you racist first fat lady.
slr1238 Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2014
Reagan is by far the best President in America's history.
He won the cold war.
I would rate Washington 2nd.
Reagan won the cold war,Washington won the revolutionary war,but Lincoln didn't win the Civil war.That is something to think on.I do think Lincoln is probably the 3rd best President.


Honorable mention for best Senator-Joseph McCarthy.
doomeduniverse Featured By Owner Edited Sep 9, 2014  New member
I can kind of understand liking Reagan, he was president in a remarkable time, keeping things steady in the final days of the cold war was an important task and many others would have caused things to go catastrophically wrong, to be sure. Though I think most of the credit lies with people on the other side, like Gorbachev. Reagan played the attrition game properly though. But still, you have got to be trolling. Nobody who knows who Joseph R. McCarthy was could possibly think he wasn't one of the worst - if not the worst - people of the 20th century - and I'm including Hitler and Stalin in that. He was a con artist, he led a witch hunt, and with his prevarications and his phantom list of communists which was a blank piece of paper (and if it wasn't, that would be even worse), he ruined the lives of millions of people, set back the quality of life of millions more, and set back social progress by more than 100 years, we're only now getting back to the level of enlightenment as was the status quo at the end of the 19th century, when people like Mark Twain were the highly respected intellectuals of the day. He should have been dragged into the street and shot for treason. Just like George W. Bush.

I'd say Eisenhower was the best president of the 20th century. His job was tougher. He had to keep things steady at the BEGINNING of the cold war, when the generals were more apt to actually using the bomb. And FDR takes second place behind him, not Reagan. Kennedy 3rd.
slr1238 Featured By Owner Edited Sep 11, 2014
I lived thru the 1980's and it was the height of the cold war.I believe one hundred percent if Mondale had become President in '84 instead of Reagan that the ussr and Gorbachev would have used the nuclear weapons and today we would be in Carl Sagan's nuclear winter,at least those of us on the Earth who were still alive.That is why I consider Reagan the best President by far.Reagan kept Gorbachev's bloody hands off of the nuclear button.

Eisenhower was President at the best time in our country.I don't think he actually had to do much of anything and he didn't.Ike's legacy is as a great General who helped defeat Hitler in WW2.

So you think Hitler and Stalin are more likeable than an American,Joseph McCarthy.There was an extreme liberal media even in the enlightened 1950's and they used the smokescreen that McCarthy only went after Hollywood elites.What McCarthy tried to do and did was find the communist terrorists in the U.S. and he did deported many of them as the left wing media would never tell us that.So we owe McCarthy a lot for getting rid of the red scum terrorists.Even Michael Savage,the best talk show host today,is saying that McCarthy was right.And before you say I get all of my info listening to Savage,i don't.I have researched on my own and I also find that the 1950's were much better than today.Today there is more trouble and racism than ever.Just look at that thing and his racist first fat lady in the white house today.

Mark Twain was just a writer and i think an Athiest to boot.I don't have anything against Athesists.They don't have to believe in God.I don't proselytize,as long as Athiests don't force their God,Charles Darwin and his theory,on me.

You don't think Hitler,Stalin and Gorbachev,the enemies are that bad,so i am not the one that is trolling.But I think you are just gullible and believe everything the left wing media tells you,just like the people in 1930's Germany did.Remember,Obama cannot become another Hitler on his own.You don't  want that do you? So you would have to agree with me-Thank God Obama is out of office in 2017!
slr1238 Featured By Owner Edited Aug 1, 2014
I have heard there was an article about Reagan being a racist.Reagan was absolutely not a racist.Reagan signed Martin Luther King Jr. day into a holiday,which is proof that he is no racist.If any President is a racist,it is Obama with his typical 'white person' comment.

Well,i am not your typical white person because i didn't vote for Obama and i could never,ever,ever vote for him.I did vote for Alan Keyes and i would vote for Herman Cain.
doomeduniverse Featured By Owner Edited Sep 9, 2014  New member
He actually opposed MLKJR day being made a federal holiday, he merely relented in the end in the face of overwhelming opposing sentiment. But that doesn't make him a racist. I think his reasons for opposing it were valid, MLK just wasn't very important historically. Like Neil Armstrong. His role is just that of an old recording that people like to quote. Herman Cain is unspeakably evil. And dumber than George W. Bush. What is with conservatives wanting an ever descending sequence of intelligence in their politicians? I'd have voted for Dennis Kucinich if he'd just won the primary in 2008. Or 2004. I'd have cared enough to register to vote even though I'd know I'd still make 0 difference in the outcome if he'd been there in 2k4 instead of Kerry. Nevertheless we can both agree that Obama is rotten though.
slr1238 Featured By Owner Edited Sep 11, 2014
And Washington and Lincoln no longer have Holidays in their name because of racists like Jesse Jackson who have said they want MLK day to be the only Holiday named after an American because Jackson and others are what MLK warned against,black supremacists.Any kind of supremacist is bad.

I am an American,i don't mind being called a conservative and I don't have anything against moderates or liberals,i just despise the liberal agenda.I voted for Reagan and Clinton.And I also voted for Lyndon Larouche,a real patriotic Democrat.

I really think Reagan negotiated great with moderates and liberals when he could.I am also not a Republican-I can't be the same party as the idiot backstabbing voodoo man,George HW Bush Sr. or McCain and I can't be a Democrat,i can't be a member of the same party as backstabbers Al Gore or Walter Mondale. 
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